Create database and tables

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1.Create a database to house the crash data for this configuration.  Identify a login account that has read-only access to this data.  If data entry will be performed, also identify an account with read-write access to this database. Important: The account with read-write access should not have DDL permissions.

At Pd' Programming: Use the tool at to create a database in "Configs". In addition to creating the DB in the appropriate place based on its use, it will also create appropriate logins and permissions.


2.Locate the Connection / Reader created earlier, click the "Test" button. Once that works, do the same for the Writer if there is one.

3.Execute the CREATE crash tables script from the Execute tab.  
Note: When executing an SQL script, the connection logins are not used, just the connection string.  This is because SQL scripts can easily delete or restructure data.  As a result, a login that has DDL permissions is required to execute the script.  Select the "Reader" connection and enter a login and password with DDL permissions.

4.Execute the CREATE lookup tables script