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The CID study stands for Case ID List. A CID study is used by systems that pass a list of crash IDs into Crash Magic for analysis. When a web page or application posts crash IDs to Crash Magic, these IDs are stored in the Crash Magic CID system table(<table prefix>CID) along with the Crash Magic user group ID, user ID, project ID, and study ID of the current user that the data was posted against. The study query selected for the CID study definition joins the UniqueNum1 field of the CID system table to the unique collision ID of a clients collision table. The following fields must be labeled in the selected study query for this study definition to work:








Example Join to the Crash Magic CID system table


           ( CMO.cmCID CID

             LEFT JOIN Dbo.Crash Cr ON (Cr.CrashReport=CID.UniqueNum1))

In this example the UniqueNum1 field of the cmCID Crash Magic system table is joined to the CrashReport field of the clients Crash table.


Example where clause added to the all data query specified in the study definition


(CID.UserGroupID =:cmUserGroupID)

AND(CID.UserID = :cmUserID)

AND(CID.ProjectID =:cmProjectID)

AND(CID.StudyID = :cmStudyID)