Category list editor

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The category list editor allows users to create and edit new category lists. Users can select fields in there database to build build category lists from, change colors for each bin. The category list editor page is divided into four sections. The top section displays the name and description of the category list. The left section displays the list of bins for the current category list. The right section displays information on the currently selected bin. The bottom section is for overall functions of the category list.


Most client will build category lists by clicking the Fill category list button and selecting a field from the database that Crash Magic will build the bin list from.




Name - Name of the category list being edited(The Name will default to Untitled)

Description - Description of the category list


Add - This button adds a new category list bin

Move bin up - This link will move the currently selected bin up in the order of bins

Move bin down - This link will move the currently selected bin down in the order of bins

Del - This button deletes the currently selected category list bin


Bin name - This field displays the name of the currently selected bin

Bin description - This field displays the a description of the currently selected bin

Condition - The condition in which a record is placed in the current bin(As with filters each condition must resolved to true or false for a single record)

Editor button - This button opens the filter editor for editing the condition of the bin

Color - This is the color selected for the current bin


Fill category list - This button opens a dialog to select a field from the database that will populate the list of bins

Clear category list - This button will clear the current list of bins

Save and return - Saves the current category list of bins and closes the editor

Cancel and return - Closes the editor without saving any changes made to the category list