Basic URL

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Crash Magic supports a number of requests that can be made using a URL.  These calls do not require a login and are generally used for debugging and process monitoring.



The $DIAG function returns an information screen that can run a number of tests and set a couple of debug parameters.



Level is parameter that may be specified to request a number of levels of operation of the running system

Possible values for "n" are:

1.Information (Process, memory load, ISAPI Pool parameters

2.Request information (URL, path, etc.)

3.Write to Windows Event Log

4.Raise application exception (currently disabled)

5.Write to log file (debug, important, error)

6.Web server settings

7.Server settings

8.System tables - Attempts to use system tables manager to access .Master user group.





Set a new value for StatusLogLevel.  Possible values for <level> are:

Detail, Debug, Info, Important, Warning, Error, Exception, None


Turn on or off System SQL debugging


Turn on or off User SQL debugging


Set the maximum number of ISAPI threads between 3 and 100.


Turns on Autostart.  Useful when system started while missing resources such as dB connections


Returns the version of the running instance of Crash Magic.$Version


Reports whether a connection to the system database is available$SysConnection

true | false


Reports whether a query can be executed against the system's user group table$SysTable

true | false


In addition to the standalone URL parameters, the MagicAuto functionality provides for system automation through the URL.

More advanced functionality is available using the "Remote access" interface