Remote Access

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Crash Magic provides a Remote Access interface for application programmers to automate and manipulate objects inside of Crash Magic.  By exposing a well defined API from Crash Magic, application programmers and web developers can access functionality built in to Crash Magic. A rich suite of functionality is available.  The Remote Access functions may simply get a piece of text, cause a data change in Crash Magic, or an entire PDF document may be created and placed in a specified folder.


As with interactive use of the program, general method of accessing the Remote Access functions is to:

1.Log in

2.Perform analysis or administrative functions

3.Log out


During the login call, a unique identifier is created for the Remote Access "session".  This handle is valid until the log out call.  Every Remote Access function requires that this handle be passed as the first parameter.


The Remote Access calls are divided into several interfaces.  The general design is an admin interface, an analysis interface, and a login interface.  This reflects the interactive operation of the program.