Automatic login

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Automatic login parameters (optional):

If the existing session login matches these login parameters, the session is not affected.

If the session login name or group differ, the existing session is terminated and the login page is presented.

If no session exists, the login parameters are used to create a new session and automatically log in to the system.




Supported values:


The user group to log into

Any existing user group in the system


The user to log in as

Any existing user in the specified user group


The user password

The password that corresponds to the specified user and user group


This password must be encrypted when encryption has been enabled. Crash Magic uses the current Greenwich Mean Time to expire encrypted passwords. Once encryption has been enabled any passwords sent to Crash Magic must have "=(The current GMT)" appended to the password before being encrypted and sent to Crash Magic. The password will not work if the time sent is more than one day off from the GMT of the server running Crash Magic. The format for the date is CCYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS with the time in a 24hr format. If the current GMT is "10/31/2007 9:57:46 PM" and the password you are sending is "TestPassword" you must encrypt:TestPassword=2007-10-31 21:57:46