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Each person who will access Crash Magic will need a user account.  User accounts may not be shared. This is a technical limitation, not a licensing one.


Name: Enter you user name.


Description: Enter a description..


Login: Enter a login name. This is the User Id that will be entered at the Crash Magic login page. If each user has their own login to the collision database, then the login name entered in this field should match the login used for the database.


Password: Enter a password. This is the password that will be entered for the user at the login page.


View state: This should be set to Opened.


Email: Enter your email address. This will allow you to send PDF reports to other users.


Diagram Type: This drop down specifies how you would like to view your diagrams. The options are silverlight or svg. Pd' Programming recommends that this be left to silverlight.


Allow Analysis login: Check this box for the ability to log into the analysis section of Crash Magic.


Group Administrator: Check this box to grant the ability to login as the group admin. This Check box should only be checked for users that will be designated as the Group Admin. This allows users to change configuration items in the program.


Data Entry allowed: Check this box if the ability to use Crash Magic data entry is needed. This option will allow the user to download and use the data entry program.


Enable Cloneable logins: Allows the user to be copied for SOAP access. This should be left unchecked unless you are planning on accessing Crash Magic through a SOAP service.


Remote Access login allowed: Allows SOAP access of the user. This should be left unchecked unless you are planning on accessing Crash Magic through a SOAP service.


View SYS info: Allows the use to see system information(This feature is not currently enabled)


Enable Application Debugging: Allows the user to see debug information, and some features that have not been completed. This should be left unchecked.


Enable Help System Debugging: Allows the user to view system debug information. This should be left unchecked.


Now that a user with group admin privileges has been created Click the exit button to log out of Crash Magic as the Master Adminexit. The Master Admin login should no longer be used.


The group admin should be used for all reaming configuration tasks. To log in click on the show advanced options link of the Crash Magic login form. Enter the user Id and password just created then click the Group Admin button.