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The term "PSRattr" refers to Project Study and Report Attributes.  They are also referred to as "resources" or "attributes". It is the information used by the program to be able to interpret and analyze the crash data of a specific client or data source.  PSRattrs may be shared among users, groups and even the entire installation. Crash Magic includes as part of its installation a User Group called ".Master" that includes PSRattrs for all configurations.  These are stored in the ".config" user and the ".shared" user.


.config is a user account that is created and maintained by Pd' Programming. Our clients/end users have read-only access to these PSRattrs.  This is done to assure that the configurations we prepare continue to function correctly regardless of user actions.  Only the required PSRattrs are stored in the .config.  Additional or optional PSRattrs are stored in the .shared container.

.shared is a user account contains PSRattrs that are created by Pd' Programming or the client and maintained by either.  These PSRattrs are not critical to the configuration, though often contain reports or parts of reports desired by the client.  

.tools is a user account that is created by Pd' Programming for our own use.  The PSRattrs in this account are not visible unless a user account specifies "use .tools".  Resources in this account are often those created for a single use or for testing or similar.  


This section enumerates the available Crash Magic PSRattrs.  The title of each section includes the common or "friendly" name generally displayed to the user, as well as the internal name used by remote access and stored in the database.  For example "Normalizer - Streets (normalize-streets)".