Crash Magic Online Updates

1/25/2019                                                                                         v3.9.184 to v3.9.187


·         Updated WARN objects

·         Updated encryption to make REST calls compatible with Crash Magic v4

Bug fixes:

·         Reduced likelihood of race or deadlock condition from intersection normalizer and progress

8/30/2018                                                                                         v3.9.178 to v3.9.184


·         New compare streets report – lists all new or invalid streets in DB

·         Data entry – new record tab cleaned up

·         Ordered streets list reintroduced – compatible with v4/v5

·         Importer now strips “BOM” from Unicode files when possible. (ACIS users)

Bug fixes:

·         Category list editor no longer crashes on cancel

5/20/2018                                                                                         v3.9.176 to v3.9.178


·         XMLtoDB can now introduce artificial record sequence ids when none exist

·         Added Lookup() function to parser

3/15/2018                                                                                         v3.9.170 to v3.9.176

New features:

·         Data entry can now display query results as case id pick list

·         Data entry can now launch image/pdf during loading of crash record

·         Import ZIP files can now be password protected


·         New setting to control query timeout

·         Improved Case Id List study performance

 11/8/2017                                                                                        v3.9.167 to v3.9.170

New features:

·         Dynamic schematics added as a preview


·         Updated encryption methods in preparation for Crash Magic v5

·         Added new SQL join types APPLY and FULL

·         Added Common Table Expressions (CTE)

·         Import zip files now support passwords

7/18/2017                                                                                         v3.9.142 to v3.9.167

New features:

·         New option to produce crash graphics with circle between, rather than over arrows

·         Guest login accounts that initialize with full copy and delete on logout


·         Support for new Map Magic ArcGIS add-on

·         GIS Coordinates now support projection

·         Max Crashes in pin map now a variable - allows heat maps in Firefox ESR

·         Remote session and encryption functions added and cleaned up

Bug fixes:

·         SOAP/REST calls properly release SessionData. UserExists works properly now

·         User now has internal permissions to access their own user account

·          Resolved problem of REST becomming unavailable after app cycle

4/09/2017                                                                                         v3.9.127 to v3.9.142

New features:

·         Pin map added as a primary report type, with click-on selection

·         Studies now support multiple filters rather than just a single selection

·         Filters can now reference other filters using $A filter name$

·         Studies can now be exported to an external database table for additional analysis



·         Diagram annotations editor simplified

·         Improved filter, field list, category list selection boxes. Ownership icons added.

·         Importer will now continue to next file when serious error occurs loading a file

·         Importer now logs information about file names uploaded and files imported

·         XMLtoDB editor and tester improved

·         DontValidateColumns enhanced to apply to indexes as well (mostly for DB2)

·         Added link to REST API documentation on login form

Bug fixes:

·         CASE statements performing better validation.

·         Delete project failed on some systems - fixed

·         REST calls will now start the server if not already running

·         LIKE intersection queries now support SQL calculated fields

11/06/2016                                                                                      v3.9.124 to v3.9.126

New features:

·         User account synchronization through LDAP query


·         REST improvements

·         Added Phone Number as user attribute

Bug fixes:

·         DbToXML cleans filenames when CaseId contains invalid filename characters

·         Apostrophe in user name no longer hangs admin form

10/17/2016                                                                               v3.9.111.2 to v3.9.124.0

New features:

·         REST interface for Remote Access

·         Diagram graphics export to DGN, DXF, PNG, many other formats

·         Pin Map as a report type


·         Diagram legend can now be customized per configuration

·         Diagram north arrows can be rotated and scaled

·         New schematic selection dialog

·         New study panel report panel shows parameters

Bug fixes:

·         Corrected S to N and E to W corridor print rendering

·         Intersection study type with LIKE now “flip flops” street 1 and 2

7/12/2016                                                                                    v3.9.109 to v3.9.111.2

New features:

·         Maintenance release, no major features.


·         New Diagram Viewer – supports latest Silverlight platform

·         Query viewer / editor interface enhancements

·         More progress status updates – especially crosstabs

·         Crosstabs reworked for performance and numeric formatting

6/5/2016                                                                                           v3.9.74 to v3.9.109.0

New features:

·         GIS output now creating proper layer for crash data.

·         Microsoft Excel native export with proper field formatting types

·         Sub-groups added for consultants and DOTs with regions – enables grouping of logins


·         ClickOn can now utilize any existing clickon field list -  does not need to be named “ClickOn

·         CaseId list StudyDefinitions can now specify milepost information to enable corridor diagrams

·         cmLocalViewer security enhancements for displaying scanned hardcopy reports

·         Latitude/Longitude study panel rearranged

·         Speed: Study panel record counts now only calculated on request

·         Node-based queries now support LIKE

·         Calculated fields added to XmlToDb process

·         Many configuration enhancements. (Clickon, ObjectMap validation, _UniqueFields, query test)

·         More date time fields – quarters, months, etc.

Bug fixes:

·         Initial navigation away from Study panel no longer requires two clicks

·         Study name not updating with parameter changes – fixed (btwn 3.9.101 – 3.9.109)

·         Oracle TopN corrected

·         Adding studies to CIDSecondary study type no longer ads CID incorrectly

·         Moving projects error corrected

1/30/2016                                                                                              v3.9.72 to v3.9.74

New features:

·         Intersection and Route study types are capable of partial string searches. (SQL LIKE)

Bug fixes:

·         Moving multiple studies between projects no longer crashes

·         Renaming filters and category lists now update studies that consume them

1/25/2016                                                                                              v3.9.64 to v3.9.72


·         Study tree now remembers settings after changing between projects

·         Vastly improved import performance

·         Periodic updates to log file during import

·         New filter functions for xml, dates and string handling

·         Categories list now shown in study tree

·         Updated graphic primitive importer for custom graphics

·         Updated print dialog

·         Updated viewer for embedded PDF documents

·         More progress reporting (geocoding and high crash locations)

Bug fixes:

·         Data entry retries on timeout of LookupM instead of crashing

·         Data entry remembers last user group chosen

·         XML file loader now accounts for files with BOM prefix

·         Renaming filters and category lists now update studies that consume them

9/1/2015                                                                                                 v3.9.49 to v3.9.63


·         XML to DB importer prevents multiple simultaneous imports by same group

·         Added support for images embedded in large character fields

Bug fixes:

·         Progress reporting was causing crash on import screen and when exporting data

·         Data entry streets selector fixed

·         Data entry automatically selects first available definition when load fails

7/26/2015                                                                                              v3.9.31 to v3.9.49

New features:

·         Case Id studies

o   Support editing of Case Id list

o   Includes option to add from other studies. (provides “combine diagrams” support)

·         Diagram

o   Labels can be edited individually with static text

o   New support for static text at arbitrary location, rotation, color, size. (“annotations”)

·         Studies/reports can now be moved between projects individually or as a group


·         Schematic rendering improved – roundabouts can now be represented more accurately (line thickness, opacity, z-level, circles )

·         Import

o   Time now supports XML Duration Data Type

o   Join clauses may be customized

·         Alias list editor improvements

·         View SQL is now a user attribute providing ability to see SQL query on study panel

·         New filter and import functions added

o   ImpRowNodesBool

o   CaseTrue,

·         Progress reporting introduced in status bar

·         MagicAuto parameters simplified

·         Chart value increments no longer shown as fractional values

·         Crosstab report now respects “show empty bins” in category lists


Bug fixes:

·         Data entry – Auto-selects available form when invalid selection exists.

·         Filter – StrPos and AnyTokenIfMatches no longer case sensitive

·         Import

o   ParseLocation now returns default upon failure as documented

o   Most recent value now correctly represented even when blank

o   Update Existing no longer creates records

5/3/2015                                                                                                 v3.9.22 to v3.9.31

New features:

·         Added support for cmLocalViewer to enable secure click-on display of reports on local system

·         Added SVG diagram export button


·         Data entry  - numeric fields, like streetnum, can now display min, max in infoArea

·         Crosstab calculation – now properly counts row and column totals.  Improves summary table output.

Bug fixes:

·         Field list editor – custom fields are now added at proper location instead of at top of list

·         Study export – no longer automatically CamelCases field values

·         Admin query export –now clears “processing box” as it should

·         Data entry – Many small fixes.

·         Misc. bug fixes

Memory leaks fixed 4/1/2015                                                      v3.9.11 to v3.9.21

New features:

·         Introduced “Ordered Streets” editor and Intersection Corridor study type (diagrams coming soon)

·         Added export to Location List report

·         Added Alias and Normalizers report


·         Export button (from Study panel) added to all report panels

·         Added more information to Study Panel

·         Added header / footer to all panels (info at top, user defined content at bottom)

·         Added “Execute” tab to Scripts and “Dependent Data” tab to normalizers

·         Added PreferredBoolean to Filter and Importer to enable aggregating Boolean fields.

·         Greatly improved startup functionality after failure. Attempts DB reconnect on each request.

·         Improved Alias editor

·         Importer:

o   Added wildcards so that ASCII filenames need not be exact

o   Import now displays error if XML node missing, unless already indicated

o   Import now requires explicit selection of definition, no longer defaults to first one

o   Import threads/processing now limited to current group

Bug fixes:

·         Minor label updates

·         “Processing” box cleared after Excel exports on admin side

·         Field list editor improved to correctly place custom field

·         Memory leaks fixed

1/20/2015                                                                                              v3.8.32 to v3.9.10

New features:

·         Maintenance release, no major features.


·         Pin maps report list of failed geocodes

·         Pin maps do better job of ranking candidates

·         Provided for “Secondary” case id

·         Admin – Aliases editor now available to group admins

·         Admin – Flush cache now available to group admins

·         Admin – importing – null values supported in AutoRecord columns

·         Admin – automatically populate login based on user name, and prompt for missing email

·         Admin – Group admins have unique icon

·         Admin – Implemented “Abandon Edits” for leaving a panel without saving

Bug fixes:

·         Location Pin maps don’t need to view tabular list prior to rendering

·         Inheritance mechanism could select incorrect resource when identical names existed for different types

·         Admin - SQL Script execute didn’t respect login location, ran under shared account

·         Admin timeout restored to 120 minutes instead of incorrect 2 minutes

11/2/2014                                                                                              v3.7.23 to v3.8.31

New features:

·         Graphic images like png, jpg, gif are a new data type that can displayed on reports.

·         Similar configurations can share core components and reports. (i.e. SWITRS, ALISS, CO, IA, OR)

·         Isolated Pd’ Programming configuration data from client configuration data.  Less worry about “breaking” our configuration.


·         Data Entry – introduced “refresh” button to enable registering recently added streets

·         Data Entry – incorrect lookup values now reported as warnings instead of errors

·         Added support for Oracle 12c and MS SQL Server 2014

·         New icon for browser bar

·         Filter editor improvements for function selection

·         Importing improvements – logging and error reporting

·         Configuration enhancements:

o   New wizards for creating object maps and calculated fields during configuration

o   Support for SQL views in addition to tables

o   SQL replacements – allows schema or value substitution at runtime

o   Re-introduced “fancy import” functions from IMW. Useful for tricky imports

o   Introduced ImportLookup() function to XMLtoDB

·         New URL commands to test and report uptime and version changes

Bug fixes:

·         Layout template editor cleaned up

·         Import of multiple full configurations working properly again

·         Some memory loss errors cleared

·         Field list ExtLink was not sticking

8/12/2014                                                                                              v3.7.16 to v3.7.23

New features:

·         Crash Magic now supports the Firefox browser.

·         Category lists now support bins that not mutually exclusive.  Welcome summary tables!

·         Complete rework of layout editor.  Easy to create layouts using templates.


·         Category list expression editor updated to display fields/values in drop boxes

·         Administrators can now execute SQLScript objects from within online form

·         Renamed templates and elements so that changing templates doesn’t lose prior settings

Bug fixes:

·         Many misc. bug fixes

·         Removed call to log every timer event to EventLog

·         Proper handling of Oracle where empty strings are stored as nulls

·         Added Default layout and fixed error when opening new, empty layout


7/14/2014                                                                                                 v3.7.1 to v3.7.15

New features:

·         Layouts can now be created with templates instead of reports!

·         Listings now support multiple lines per record

·         Diagrams now support rotating crashes as well as dragging

·         Diagrams now properly remember multiple, unsaved moves

·         Import (XML to DB) now has its own tab and new threaded processing and logging

·         Import( DB to XML) has its own tab and new threaded processing and logging

·         Introduced new CaseId and CaseIdSecondary study types

·         Introduced CIDSecondary study type

·         Geocoder can now use client ArcGIS Server instead of

·         Admin – SqlScript objects can be edited directly and can be executed


·         Report templates support custom icons and have selectors

·         Location List pin maps now produced by internal geocoding – colors enabled

·         Added study date range as layout item

·         CaseId (CID) study types no longer require that query joins with SYS tables

·         Import (XMLToDB) requires name of DBToXML object to identify repository for inbound files

·         Import (XMLToDB) now only uses ImportLookups, and they are no longer reversed

·         Updated SOAP analysis API

·         Admin connection panel now includes many diagnostic tests for user

·         Data entry version no longer tied to program version. Only requires update when needed.

·         Data entry now supports field lengths and min/max numeric values

·         Added additional $DIAG levels

·         Admin panels enable clearing individual PSRattrs from cache, instead of entire system cache

Bug fixes:

·         Run-time memory loss greatly reduced

·         Data entry provides greater protection against users without permissions

4/1/2014                                                                                                    v3.6.72 to v3.7.1


New features:

·         Passwords may now be changed on the log in form by users without admin permissions


·         SSL indicator – When connected using SSL, both the login and main forms display padlock icons

·         Data entry – added “annotation” type to create section breaks between field groups

·         Data entry – added support for floating point numbers

·         Admin - Importing – Import from txt, csv and ADO sources greatly simplified

·         Admin - Importer development – new XmlToDb test screen, logging also improved

·         Admin – Query panels now show sample result of all queries

·         Admin – Data entry definition editor greatly improved

Bug fixes:

·         Time display template in field lists corrected to show two characters for minutes

·         High Crash Location List processing fixed.  Support for custom calculations restored.
*This triggered version change from 3.6 to 3.7

·         Admin - Calculated fields editor supports expression editor

·         Pin map – removed extraneous pin displayed at Lat/Long = 0,0 (off West coast of Africa)

2/4/2014                                                                                                 v3.6.48 to v3.6.72


New features:

·         “Standard reports” introduced.  New report buttons at the top of the screen now raise a dialog to select the desired report.  “Custom reports” generate the report without prompting

·         Support for accessing application using secure SSL connection under IIS.  (https://)


·         High crash location list improvements

o   High crash location lists can now generate reports to a new project or to the current one

o   High crash location list can now generate any report for which a template exists (i.e. charts, diagrams, listings, etc.)

o   High crash location list selections are now enabled across pages and preserved with report.

·         Import improvements

o   Import progress, estimated time and error count displayed

o   Imports can now be cancelled mid-way

o   Import continues to import record even if bad field data exists. (rather than skipping record)

o   Importer now includes “AutoRecord” as means of inserting street id’s

o   Importer now logs entire import process to DB (overwrite, insert, errors, etc.)

o   Added transaction processing to importer to keep each crash record autonomous.

·         Data entry editor improvements

o   Data entry definition editor completed

o   Added annotation as entry type to allow “headers” on entry form

·         Introduced “hidden” templates.  This feature can be used to hide non-relevant content from a configuration, and is used to support the “Standard reports” option.

·         Created “friendly” names for reports and templates.  Rather than “categorylist”, “Category list” will be displayed to the user.

·         Admin – users with proper permissions can create new groups from login panel

·         Many admin improvements to support template selection for Standard and Custom report templates.

·         Configuration helper introduced to facilitate creating configurations

o   Produces DBtoXML, XmlToDb, and SQL CREATE table scripts

Bug fixes:

·         Project selection dialog now works with Chrome and Firefox

·         When cancelling a report / load template, the original report is only deleted if it is a new report, not an existing one.

·         Import threads now properly disposed of after processing

·         Restored list of connection string samples in connection panel.

·         Better error handling in crash data importer

·         PdSQLViewer parameters box enlarged and now prevents wrapping

·         Importer now calls back to app to prevent IIS from killing importer as “inactive process”

·         Corrected graphics on admin side to show groups without shared user and to properly display shared user with star.

·         Data entry now respects floating point numbers (used to truncate during entry)


12/18/2013                                                                                            v3.6.39 to v3.6.48


New features:

·         Initial release of conversion utility for various data formats to XML. (csv, txt, dbf, mdb, MSSQL, Oracle, and more)

·         Initial release of XML import with overwrite/skip/update support

·         Initial release of wizards for creating import definitions


·         Collision diagram now displays filter name instead of its content

·         Chart footer now displays filter name instead of its description

·         GIS Map now zooms to new pins automatically

·         Added “dup” button to template selection dialog.  Easy way to make personal copy of shared  templates.

·         Cross street names are now sorted in study panel

·         New icons for corridor diagrams

·         When duplicate study name needs to be changed, it is done silently

·         Admin tree now uses “friendly names” instead of internal names for templates

·         Project panel / Environment tab – added street/intersection list function

·         Import process now uses new LOG table in database instead of old log files

·         Changed ArcGIS geocoding field names to match ESRI standards

·         SQLViewer – improved tab naming, displays connection info, field list error corrected, ADO export

·         Log file viewer – UI updated

·         Log file viewer – added search

 Bug fixes:

·         “Favorite” or most-common intersection name now used properly in High Crash Location lists

·         IE Browsers with Google’s “chromeframe” now work properly

·         List sort function used to fail on columns that had expressions for content.

·         Intermittent occurrence of charts not updating has been fixed

·         Route MP and Address query updated to correct error.  Also improved support for aliased street names with U1/U2

·         Crashes that have the same street used for Primary and Cross no longer generate two intersections in the DB

·         Added icons for more template types

·         Admin users can no longer delete their own login

·         Many misc. bug fixes.