Crash Magic Online Updates

9/22/2023                                                                                               v4.5.49 – v 4.5.52


Data Entry fixes; PostgreSQL fixes


·         User imports now add analysis permission by default

Bug fixes:

·         cmDataEntry was failing with “Failed to create directory”

·         cmDataEntry node editor was showing incorrect max node id

·         PostgreSQL BLOB types were failing

8/26/23                                                                                                      v4.5.35 – v4.5.49


REST, SVG and configuration improvements

New features:

·         Crash Magic clipboard features enhanced. Enables import/export/editing

·         RA function to obtain OrderedStreets list

·         Introduced MDB export for entire DB. Template added to .Master config.

·         Introduced .configtemplate user for building inherited configurations


·         Diagram export SVG now removes width/height attributes to improve display in MS Office

·         Updated image exporter

·         RA ReportContent for diagrams now takes SVG output format

·         Introduced static lookup tables that can be used without a database

·         Added LogoutIfFound parameter to RA Login()

·         Added CanDoSurrogateLogin for remote access

·         Some password edits still showed clear text. Fixed.

·         Added RA ExportStudyToSQLTable

Bug fixes:

·         cmGISJSON connection password encryption corrected

·         RA CheckLogin() aLogoutIfFound functioning improperly

·         DataEntry support for Oracle databases improved

4/7/2023                                                                                                  v4.5.34 – v 4.5.35


Small update to optimize “TOP N” queries in PostgreSQL


·         PostgreSQL connections can now utilize TOP N in their test queries on the Admin side of Crash Magic.

3/22/2023                                                                                               v4.5.27 – v 4.5.34


This version introduces a very handy search box for finding fields that contain your search text.  (Try typing “bicycle” and find all the fields that have that value in them)


·         Field list editor has new search box to find fields containing desired value

·         Query editor controls provide for more complex schema, table and field names

·         Added ability to download clipboard content

·         New support for MS SQL Server table “synonyms”

2/19/2023                                                                                                 v4.5.27 – v4.5.29


Important bug fix. Only applicable if your system uses nodes/facility id’s and you perform manual data entry

Bug fixes:

·         Node / Facility Id caching disabled to prevent cache sharing between configurations

·         Corrected Ord() filter function declaration

·         Lat/Long query by name provides better error reporting on failure

1/23/2023                                                                                                 v4.5.18 – v4.5.27


New support for PostgreSQL database server.  Now supporting MS SQL, Oracle, DB2 and PostgreSQL.  Export entire DB to MDB added.

New features:

·         Introduced MDB export for entire DB. Template added to .Master config.

·         Data entry now includes Node editing functionality (like street editing)

·         Introduced support for PostreSQL DB server

·         New configuration scanner to find specific functionality usage

Bug fixes:

·         Category list button image corrected

·         NodeMapper now respects existing single character delimiters

11/25/2022                                                                                              v4.5.11 – v4.5.18


Three bug fixes

New features:

·         Introduced KML as new format for study export

Bug fixes:

·         NoMatch filter function no longer case sensitive

·         Maint forms more tolerant of incorrect settings

·         PdLogFile no longer forgets to close/open files. (wouldn’t allow service autostart)

10/5/2022                                                                                                   v4.5.9 – v4.5.11


Three bug fixes and improved configuration validation


·         Config validator warnings improved – more specific mismatched DB warnings

Bug fixes:

·         LDAP execute/import panel cleaned up and import button placed at bottom

·         Debug logging generated error on exception – halting execution

·         $DIAG no longer accessible / triggerable by spider

8/18/22                                                                                                      v4.2.116 – v4.5.9


General maintenance. Stability and bug fixes


·         Admin create PSRattr drop down now categorized

·         Admin clipboard can be exported directly

·         XML handling updated

o   All XML output now includes XML declaration

o   XML output formatting improved and capable of writing huge formatted files

o   XML declarations can be replaced during load

o   Documents with BOMs handled better

·         Configuration verification during login improved

·         Imported files can be deleted, left or moved to “processed” folder

·         Added some graphic primitives

Bug fixes:

·         Study stability improvements

·         Printing bug fixed

·         Data entry ghost refresh button

3/27/22                                                                                                v4.2.106 – v4.2.116


Maintenance release. Mostly Oracle and Data Entry


·         Admin query panel – Shows connection and calculated fields

·         Connection replacements expanded to SQL Scripts, Import and Data Entry update/insert

·         Failed categories load now properly reports reason and name of category list

·         Failed calculated fields (as in listings) now reports all failures as list instead of failing on first one

Bug fixes:

·         REST errors not being reported properly since Nov 5, 2021

·         Data entry copy/paste record now supports new lines

·         More Oracle compatibility.

o   Case sensitivity issues with CaseId in Data Entry

o   Memo/clob fields

o   Parameters

o   Null values in import

o   SQL Scripts now support DECLARE and BEGIN/END

o   FETCH FIRST with UNION updated


2/9/22                                                                                                      v4.2.91 – v4.2.106


Critical bug fixes and new Oracle compatibility.


·         Import now allows multiple or single records using same XMLtoDB by checking root node

·         Data Entry updates can be ignored by force

·         Admin query panel flags identifiers longer than 30 chars (Oracle limitation)

·         Admin LDAP panel cleaned up

Bug fixes:

·         Fixed broken UNION query processing – affected primary <-> cross street swapping

·         Oracle compatibility updates

o   Field size validation reworked. Metadata gathered explicitly.

o   BCD data types now handled more cleanly

o   Schema names now used in all cases

o   Dates recorded properly during import

·         Help system display corrected

·         Import logging ProcessType correction

12/01/21                                                                                                   v4.2.83 – v4.2.91


Maintenance release to fix a few bugs. Mostly calculated fields inheritance mechanism.


·         One-step user group import from login form and admin system panel

·         On systems, checks for “safe” DB connections and warns when unsafe

·         Added DB indexes to cmLog table

Bug fixes:

·         Data entry scanned image viewer didn’t support paths with spaces

·         Calculated fields overwriting did not work properly in all cases

·         Deleting of cmLog files during user group removal improved

·         Misc bug fixes

11/01/21                                                                                                   v4.2.61 – v4.2.83


This version of Crash Magic enhanced our ability to customize “standard” configurations.  So if you are using one of our many pre-built configurations defined by your state data, you can now add your own custom fields and logic on top of it without losing the benefits of using a shared configuration. Lots of small user requests addressed here as well. And finally – check out the new study “roll-ups” on the initial screen – they now contain icons for the reports in those studies for really quick access!

New features:

·         Main project panel now includes report buttons within the study roll-ups

·         Data entry

o   Added support for entry of looked up nodes

o   Added support for display static images or legends

·         PdNodeMapper application re-introduced!

o   Updated with new libraries

o   Now supports mapping crashes to nodes without requiring street names

o   Can now support adding records for nodes when they don’t exist

·         Incremental configuration inheritance enables customization of standard configurations.

o   Queries – Add joined tables and/or replace order by or where clauses

o   Object maps – redefine or disable any existing rule

o   Calculated fields – redefining an existing calculated field disables the original one

o   Help reference – individual users or groups may add to help index with overwriting

o   Supplemental tables –add custom fields that are not in the standard configuration


·         Project tree can now be sorted by name or by last accessed date

·         Admin users can now “promote to shared” multiple resources in a single step

·         Create new category list now includes non-categorical fields for selection

·         Study query report tab enhanced format and general clean-up

·         Added expression functions Not() and NotDef() for you spreadsheet gurus

Bug fixes:

·         Diagram annotations fixed

·         Corrected memory leaks

·         Improved error handling

·         Layout print button fixed and on-screen pdf cleared during rendering

·         Data entry

o   Height now properly calculated

o   Free text fields can now contain semicolons.

o   Login dialog doesn’t fall behind app any more

7/30/21                                                                                                      v4.2.44 – v4.2.61


Mostly a maintenance release to satisfy a few new situations.  Oracle, importer and chart changes

New features:

·         Charts

o   Charts now support multiline marks

o   Charts now support many additional options for marks at top of bars / pie slices

o   Charts can now limit the length of marks to avoid displaying tiny chart on page


·         CaseId and other study types that don’t use date range no longer display it on reports

·         Importer

o   ParseLocation() now cleans “BLOCK”, “BLOCK OF” and “BLK” when address is found

o   Importer now “knows” the current user group name enabling conditional importing

o   Improved error logging

·         Oracle

o   Oracle versions through 21c added to settings

o   Oracle settings can now identify FETCH support for TopN query optimization

o   Oracle settings can now identify OracleSpatial support for GIS functionality

Bug fixes:

·         Filter editor now populates lookups for first field upon open

·         MagicAuto logic updated

6/23/21                                                                                                      v4.2.31 – v4.2.44


Completely reworked our corridor diagram printing. Also added memos and other enhancements to data entry. Also discarded the PDF renderer we’ve been using for the past 6 months.  The older more expensive one works a lot better. (you get what you pay for)

New features:

·         Corridors are now printed to PDF as a single large format page.  This enables PDF viewers such as Acrobat to paginate, perform alignment, scale, etc. based on your selections.

·         Data entry now includes an entry type for memos such as officer narrative


·         Added more SQL data types

·         Date field accepts more input formats

·         Progress added to many more processes

Bug fixes:

·         New PDF renderer causes crash labels to be properly spaced from their crash arrows (as they used to be) Also fits grid to text content / page size.

·         Some PSRattrs not saving.  Inheritance for one.

·         Study date entry using drop down calendar properly updates the study name.

3/28/21                                                                                                      v4.2.13 – v4.2.31


This release is all about stability.  The last release contained a lot of performance enhancements and couple of those got away from us.  This version addresses a few bugs introduced in 4.2.13.  


·         Replaced PDF rendering engine

·         New more descriptive filenames for most downloads

·         SSL Support for TLS 1.2 introduced

·         New import function StandardizePrefixes() to clean up street names

·         Added WKID to ESRI GIS configuration to allow for calculation of feet/meters from a point

·         Login errors now displayed upon login. Also shown to admin

·         Foundation for volumes and rates – coming soon!

·         Filter processing skipped when filter is ‘clear’

·         Import definition editor test button available on all tabs to display log

·         REST support for TLS 1.2

Bug fixes:

·         @field functions were not updating properly

·         Reintroduced ability to generate a study from a pin map.

·         Case Id list study type cleaned up. DISTINCT added to avoid counting duplicates

·         GISESRI configuration editor form cleaned up

·         cmSys Importer and exporters cleaned up

2/23/21                                                                                                   v4.1.230 – v4.2.13


The goal of this release is performance.  The system uses much less memory and database access and is therefore much faster. To go along with the speedier database and report processing, many small things like clipboard, click-on, the entire admin form and other utilities are much faster.

The major new feature in this release is the X,Y study form.  In addition to drawing a rectangular area to query, you can now click a point and specify a distance.  Have a list of nodes or other locations you need to query? We’ve added the ability to specify a query containing names and coordinates. Simply select the name and specify a distance from that location.

New features:

·         GIS coordinate studies based on names from a query. (nodes, facility id’s, intersection id’s, etc.)

·         GIS coordinate studies based on point and distance from that point. (in addition to rectangle)

·         Progress bar! Progress bar and/or status reported at bottom of window for lengthy processes.

·         New alias report that can be used for importing as well.

·         Data Entry can now load scanned image from URL as well as local file system.


·         SPEED!

o   Click-on feature no longer refreshes diagram.

o   The copy portion of copy/paste no longer refreshes screen.

o   Query pruning for all studies and reports.

o   Expression parser (cat lists and filters) access to variables and constants

o   Adding records to case id type study much faster.

o   Admin form loads and refreshes much more quickly.

o   Multiple users asking for the same resources process in parallel.

·         Alias reports cleaned up new file extensions used.

·         Admin display of currently logged in users redesigned.

·         Cleaned up format of error messages, especially login messages.

Bug fixes:

·         Alias reports cleaned up new file extensions used.

·         InRange() expression function now returns null or false for null values rather than an error.

·         Active Directory sessions now appear in logged in users list as they should.

·         Favorites reports no longer create duplicate report names.

·         Location List report printing crash fixed. (occurred in rare cases)

1/9/21                                                                                                   v4.1.219 – v4.1.230


·         High Crash Location List export to CSV cleaned up and now includes header columns

·         Diagram

o   New non-cardinal corridor schematics

o   New icons for non-cardinal corridor schematics

·         Program resources may now be assigned to specific reports using SpecializedPrefixes

·         New report dialog can now be used to create a new template

·         When crash queries result in duplicates, they are reported at login.

Bug fixes:

·         Crosstab and Frequency crashes

·         Diagram graphic export failure

11/16/20                                                                                              v4.1.214 – v4.1.219


·         Diagram

o   Crashes dragged out of the bad data area will be considered plottable and remain visible even with legend turned back on

o   Individual crashes may have the modifications reset using their context (right-click) menu

o   Diagrams with no missing crashes no longer report “0 Crashes could not be placed”

·         Studies and Reports now have a “Clear Filter” icon in the toolbar and selection dialog 

Bug fixes:

·         Diagram - Removed access to “UnGroup crashes” option. Still in testing.

·         Selection box - New, edited and renamed resources sometimes didn’t refresh.

·         Selection box - Prior selections are now maintained when resources renamed or created

·         X,Y Study panel – Now properly displays US Map when switching study types

11/5/20                                                                                                v4.1.209 – v4.1.214

New features:

·         Project – wide change study dates added


·         XMLtoDB test panel now has own storage area for test reports

·         XMLtoDB now supports transforms prior to import. (e.g. for sorting or reformatting)

Bug fixes:

·         Min() and Max() now continue evaluation even if one of their values is null

10/2/20                                                                                                v4.1.186 – v4.1.209

New features:

·         Study case id exclusions list to remove crashes from a study without creating a filter


·         Location list column headers can now be set explicitly rather than reflecting variable name

·         Schematic selection dialog now includes graphic preview

·         Available dates presented on study panel

·         Improvements to grid rendering

·         Ability to correct poorly defined XML prior to import

·         Expression functions ParseDMStoDecimal() and DMStoDecimal() for coordinate data

·         Object map editor

o   Enable/disable rules

o   View preview of symbols for a crash

·         Queries

o   Override data types. (esp. for calculations)

o   Add description (displayed in filter and field list editor)

Bug fixes:

·         Corridor diagram printing corrections

7/11/20                                                                                                v4.1.169 – v4.1.186

New features:

·         Generate an XY study by dragging a rectangle on a pin map report

·         XY Study panel now displays a map with selection rectangle (and an address/intersection search)


·         Route milepost study now accepts milepost plus distance (e.g. MP  3.5 +/-  200ft)

·         Import CSV now has validation for header lines

·         Added new icon library for customizing resource icons

·         Diagrams now have right-click context menu for crash functions

Bug fixes:

·         Crashes that couldn’t be rendered properly centered

·         Attribute override port fixed

6/1/2020                                                                                              v4.1.144 – v4.1.169

New features:

·         Route milepost and street address study with Support for multiple ranges

·         New “Frequency” report type. 

·         New Binary content type

o   Create Excel spreadsheet templates to export into

·         Custom buttons for user-defined actions like calling other web applications for editing or reporting.


·         Frequency and Crosstab reports now have advanced formatting options for creating complex and detailed summary reports.

·         New symbol libraries for different arrow types, impact point graphics, etc.

·         Diagram highlighting improved

·         Added query caching for performance. Reintroduced “re-query” button

Bug fixes:

·          Study panel validation (red error background) corrected

3/5/20                                                                                                    v4.1.102 - v4.1.144


·         Users may no longer be both data entry and analysis.  Two users are now required for that use case.

·         New Desktop Utilities Installer for all Crash Magic utilities including Data Entry


·         Improved performance of queries using Aliases

·         Added DISTINCT parameter to query editor

·         Improved REST and GIS  settings security

·         Expression parser – added LinkParam() and LinkParamList() for building properly escaped URLs

·         Admin user panel now includes projects / studies / report tab

12/13/2019                                                                                           v4.1.28 – v4.1.102


·         Support for latest Windows Server, MS SQL Server and Oracle editions

·         Data entry

o   Program download no longer occurs on each launch

o   Re-introduced, working with REST

o   Design mode added (grid, coordinates, lookups)

o   New validation rules editor with function assistance

·         Project tree speed improved

·         On local installations, default paths may be overridden

·         PDF printing

o   New dialog to show print has started

o   Reformatted layout templates – cleaner

o   Switching between templates automatically resizes report areas

Bug fixes:

·         MagicAuto and REST and AUTH login updates

·         REST improvements and self-documenting service and test page

4/21/2019                                                                                                    v4.1.1 - v4.1.28

New features:

·         Ordered streets editor added. Can read cross-streets from GIS service


·         Aliases

o   Support for hidden versus visible aliases

o   Management screen much more informative

o   Support for “At street” – works like intersection aliases

·         Raster images added as a resource. Add your logo or other graphics to reports

·         Duplicates checking of study query added

·         File upload button now shows progress. Also supports dragging file to it.

Bug fixes:

·         Security improvements

·         MAGICAUTO supported again

9/21/2018                                                                                                           New! v4.1.1

New features:

·         General

o   Support for modern browsers. (Chrome, Edge, Firefox)

o   REST programming interface replaced SOAP interface

o   Internal browser PDF viewer

·         Pin maps

o   Removed limitation on number of crashes

o   Custom layers supported (bike lanes, pot holes, improvement districts, etc.)

o   Printing

·         Collision diagrams

o   Beta of Dynamic Collision Diagrams

·         Data entry

o   Case id list query enables easy access to selected crashes needing updates

o   Loads scanned reports while opening crash for editing


·         General

o   All access is now via HTTPS (SSL encryption)

o   User passwords hashed for extra security

o   Support for modern browsers. (Chrome, Edge, Firefox)

o   REST programming interface replaced SOAP interface

o   Study panel support for multi-filter selection

o   Unlimited install instances supported

o   New installer / updater

o   Unicode support for foreign language and fancy character support

·         Collision diagrams

o   Switched to SVG from Silverlight for interactive vector graphics

o   Modifications are stored immediately and reproduced reliably

·         Pin maps

o   Layout settings saved / templated

·         Admin

o   Changing ”self” permissions is reflected immediately

o   Connection timeouts configurable

o   Import zip files may now be password protected

o   Import logs now include file names, counts, etc.

o   UserTablesDefinition added for custom data integration

·         Expressions

o   General - IsNotNull()

o   Importer - RowInstance(); StandardizeSuffix()

·         Streets manager

o   Added comparison report to validate street names

o   Import now permits duplicates or blanks

Bug fixes:

·         Error handling improved

·         Street address study type using Street 2 correction


Ù New version 4.x above Ù                 Ú Old version 3.x below Ú

Version 3.9 updates
(all new development is now in Crash Magic Version 4)

7/18/2017                                                                                         v3.9.142 to v3.9.167

New features:

·         New option to produce crash graphics with circle between, rather than over arrows

·         Guest login accounts that initialize with full copy and delete on logout


·         Support for new Map Magic ArcGIS add-on

·         GIS Coordinates now support projection

·         Max Crashes in pin map now a variable - allows heat maps in Firefox ESR

·         Remote session and encryption functions added and cleaned up

Bug fixes:

·         SOAP/REST calls properly release SessionData. UserExists works properly now

·         User now has internal permissions to access their own user account

·          Resolved problem of REST becomming unavailable after app cycle

4/09/2017                                                                                         v3.9.127 to v3.9.142

New features:

·         Pin map added as a primary report type, with click-on selection

·         Studies now support multiple filters rather than just a single selection

·         Filters can now reference other filters using $A filter name$

·         Studies can now be exported to an external database table for additional analysis



·         Diagram annotations editor simplified

·         Improved filter, field list, category list selection boxes. Ownership icons added.

·         Importer will now continue to next file when serious error occurs loading a file

·         Importer now logs information about file names uploaded and files imported

·         XMLtoDB editor and tester improved

·         DontValidateColumns enhanced to apply to indexes as well (mostly for DB2)

·         Added link to REST API documentation on login form

Bug fixes:

·         CASE statements performing better validation.

·         Delete project failed on some systems - fixed

·         REST calls will now start the server if not already running

·         LIKE intersection queries now support SQL calculated fields

11/06/2016                                                                                      v3.9.124 to v3.9.126

New features:

·         User account synchronization through LDAP query


·         REST improvements

·         Added Phone Number as user attribute

Bug fixes:

·         DbToXML cleans filenames when CaseId contains invalid filename characters

·         Apostrophe in user name no longer hangs admin form

10/17/2016                                                                               v3.9.111.2 to v3.9.124.0

New features:

·         REST interface for Remote Access

·         Diagram graphics export to DGN, DXF, PNG, many other formats

·         Pin Map as a report type


·         Diagram legend can now be customized per configuration

·         Diagram north arrows can be rotated and scaled

·         New schematic selection dialog

·         New study panel report panel shows parameters

Bug fixes:

·         Corrected S to N and E to W corridor print rendering

·         Intersection study type with LIKE now “flip flops” street 1 and 2

7/12/2016                                                                                    v3.9.109 to v3.9.111.2

New features:

·         Maintenance release, no major features.


·         New Diagram Viewer – supports latest Silverlight platform

·         Query viewer / editor interface enhancements

·         More progress status updates – especially crosstabs

·         Crosstabs reworked for performance and numeric formatting

6/5/2016                                                                                           v3.9.74 to v3.9.109.0

New features:

·         GIS output now creating proper layer for crash data.

·         Microsoft Excel native export with proper field formatting types

·         Sub-groups added for consultants and DOTs with regions – enables grouping of logins


·         ClickOn can now utilize any existing clickon field list -  does not need to be named “ClickOn”

·         CaseId list StudyDefinitions can now specify milepost information to enable corridor diagrams

·         cmLocalViewer security enhancements for displaying scanned hardcopy reports

·         Latitude/Longitude study panel rearranged

·         Speed: Study panel record counts now only calculated on request

·         Node-based queries now support LIKE

·         Calculated fields added to XmlToDb process

·         Many configuration enhancements. (Clickon, ObjectMap validation, _UniqueFields, query test)

·         More date time fields – quarters, months, etc.

Bug fixes:

·         Initial navigation away from Study panel no longer requires two clicks

·         Study name not updating with parameter changes – fixed (btwn 3.9.101 – 3.9.109)

·         Oracle TopN corrected

·         Adding studies to CIDSecondary study type no longer ads CID incorrectly

·         Moving projects error corrected

1/30/2016                                                                                              v3.9.72 to v3.9.74

New features:

·         Intersection and Route study types are capable of partial string searches. (SQL LIKE)

Bug fixes:

·         Moving multiple studies between projects no longer crashes

·         Renaming filters and category lists now update studies that consume them

1/25/2016                                                                                              v3.9.64 to v3.9.72


·         Study tree now remembers settings after changing between projects

·         Vastly improved import performance

·         Periodic updates to log file during import

·         New filter functions for xml, dates and string handling

·         Categories list now shown in study tree

·         Updated graphic primitive importer for custom graphics

·         Updated print dialog

·         Updated viewer for embedded PDF documents

·         More progress reporting (geocoding and high crash locations)

Bug fixes:

·         Data entry retries on timeout of LookupM instead of crashing

·         Data entry remembers last user group chosen

·         XML file loader now accounts for files with BOM prefix

·         Renaming filters and category lists now update studies that consume them

9/1/2015                                                                                                 v3.9.49 to v3.9.63


·         XML to DB importer prevents multiple simultaneous imports by same group

·         Added support for images embedded in large character fields

Bug fixes:

·         Progress reporting was causing crash on import screen and when exporting data

·         Data entry streets selector fixed

·         Data entry automatically selects first available definition when load fails

7/26/2015                                                                                              v3.9.31 to v3.9.49

New features:

·         Case Id studies

o   Support editing of Case Id list

o   Includes option to add from other studies. (provides “combine diagrams” support)

·         Diagram

o   Labels can be edited individually with static text

o   New support for static text at arbitrary location, rotation, color, size. (“annotations”)

·         Studies/reports can now be moved between projects individually or as a group


·         Schematic rendering improved – roundabouts can now be represented more accurately (line thickness, opacity, z-level, circles )

·         Import

o   Time now supports XML Duration Data Type

o   Join clauses may be customized

·         Alias list editor improvements

·         View SQL is now a user attribute providing ability to see SQL query on study panel

·         New filter and import functions added

o   ImpRowNodesBool

o   CaseTrue,

·         Progress reporting introduced in status bar

·         MagicAuto parameters simplified

·         Chart value increments no longer shown as fractional values

·         Crosstab report now respects “show empty bins” in category lists


Bug fixes:

·         Data entry – Auto-selects available form when invalid selection exists.

·         Filter – StrPos and AnyTokenIfMatches no longer case sensitive

·         Import

o   ParseLocation now returns default upon failure as documented

o   Most recent value now correctly represented even when blank

o   Update Existing no longer creates records

5/3/2015                                                                                                 v3.9.22 to v3.9.31

New features:

·         Added support for cmLocalViewer to enable secure click-on display of reports on local system

·         Added SVG diagram export button


·         Data entry  - numeric fields, like streetnum, can now display min, max in infoArea

·         Crosstab calculation – now properly counts row and column totals.  Improves summary table output.

Bug fixes:

·         Field list editor – custom fields are now added at proper location instead of at top of list

·         Study export – no longer automatically CamelCases field values

·         Admin query export –now clears “processing box” as it should

·         Data entry – Many small fixes.

·         Misc. bug fixes

Memory leaks fixed 4/1/2015                                                      v3.9.11 to v3.9.21

New features:

·         Introduced “Ordered Streets” editor and Intersection Corridor study type (diagrams coming soon)

·         Added export to Location List report

·         Added Alias and Normalizers report


·         Export button (from Study panel) added to all report panels

·         Added more information to Study Panel

·         Added header / footer to all panels (info at top, user defined content at bottom)

·         Added “Execute” tab to Scripts and “Dependent Data” tab to normalizers

·         Added PreferredBoolean to Filter and Importer to enable aggregating Boolean fields.

·         Greatly improved startup functionality after failure. Attempts DB reconnect on each request.

·         Improved Alias editor

·         Importer:

o   Added wildcards so that ASCII filenames need not be exact

o   Import now displays error if XML node missing, unless already indicated

o   Import now requires explicit selection of definition, no longer defaults to first one

o   Import threads/processing now limited to current group

Bug fixes:

·         Minor label updates

·         “Processing” box cleared after Excel exports on admin side

·         Field list editor improved to correctly place custom field

·         Memory leaks fixed

1/20/2015                                                                                              v3.8.32 to v3.9.10

New features:

·         Maintenance release, no major features.


·         Pin maps report list of failed geocodes

·         Pin maps do better job of ranking candidates

·         Provided for “Secondary” case id

·         Admin – Aliases editor now available to group admins

·         Admin – Flush cache now available to group admins

·         Admin – importing – null values supported in AutoRecord columns

·         Admin – automatically populate login based on user name, and prompt for missing email

·         Admin – Group admins have unique icon

·         Admin – Implemented “Abandon Edits” for leaving a panel without saving

Bug fixes:

·         Location Pin maps don’t need to view tabular list prior to rendering

·         Inheritance mechanism could select incorrect resource when identical names existed for different types

·         Admin - SQL Script execute didn’t respect login location, ran under shared account

·         Admin timeout restored to 120 minutes instead of incorrect 2 minutes

11/2/2014                                                                                              v3.7.23 to v3.8.31

New features:

·         Graphic images like png, jpg, gif are a new data type that can displayed on reports.

·         Similar configurations can share core components and reports. (i.e. SWITRS, ALISS, CO, IA, OR)

·         Isolated Pd’ Programming configuration data from client configuration data.  Less worry about “breaking” our configuration.


·         Data Entry – introduced “refresh” button to enable registering recently added streets

·         Data Entry – incorrect lookup values now reported as warnings instead of errors

·         Added support for Oracle 12c and MS SQL Server 2014

·         New icon for browser bar

·         Filter editor improvements for function selection

·         Importing improvements – logging and error reporting

·         Configuration enhancements:

o   New wizards for creating object maps and calculated fields during configuration

o   Support for SQL views in addition to tables

o   SQL replacements – allows schema or value substitution at runtime

o   Re-introduced “fancy import” functions from IMW. Useful for tricky imports

o   Introduced ImportLookup() function to XMLtoDB

·         New URL commands to test and report uptime and version changes

Bug fixes:

·         Layout template editor cleaned up

·         Import of multiple full configurations working properly again

·         Some memory loss errors cleared

·         Field list ExtLink was not sticking

8/12/2014                                                                                              v3.7.16 to v3.7.23

New features:

·         Crash Magic now supports the Firefox browser.

·         Category lists now support bins that not mutually exclusive.  Welcome summary tables!

·         Complete rework of layout editor.  Easy to create layouts using templates.


·         Category list expression editor updated to display fields/values in drop boxes

·         Administrators can now execute SQLScript objects from within online form

·         Renamed templates and elements so that changing templates doesn’t lose prior settings

Bug fixes:

·         Many misc. bug fixes

·         Removed call to log every timer event to EventLog

·         Proper handling of Oracle where empty strings are stored as nulls

·         Added Default layout and fixed error when opening new, empty layout


7/14/2014                                                                                                 v3.7.1 to v3.7.15

New features:

·         Layouts can now be created with templates instead of reports!

·         Listings now support multiple lines per record

·         Diagrams now support rotating crashes as well as dragging

·         Diagrams now properly remember multiple, unsaved moves

·         Import (XML to DB) now has its own tab and new threaded processing and logging

·         Import( DB to XML) has its own tab and new threaded processing and logging

·         Introduced new CaseId and CaseIdSecondary study types

·         Introduced CIDSecondary study type

·         Geocoder can now use client ArcGIS Server instead of

·         Admin – SqlScript objects can be edited directly and can be executed


·         Report templates support custom icons and have selectors

·         Location List pin maps now produced by internal geocoding – colors enabled

·         Added study date range as layout item

·         CaseId (CID) study types no longer require that query joins with SYS tables

·         Import (XMLToDB) requires name of DBToXML object to identify repository for inbound files

·         Import (XMLToDB) now only uses ImportLookups, and they are no longer reversed

·         Updated SOAP analysis API

·         Admin connection panel now includes many diagnostic tests for user

·         Data entry version no longer tied to program version. Only requires update when needed.

·         Data entry now supports field lengths and min/max numeric values

·         Added additional $DIAG levels

·         Admin panels enable clearing individual PSRattrs from cache, instead of entire system cache

Bug fixes:

·         Run-time memory loss greatly reduced

·         Data entry provides greater protection against users without permissions

4/1/2014                                                                                                    v3.6.72 to v3.7.1


New features:

·         Passwords may now be changed on the log in form by users without admin permissions


·         SSL indicator – When connected using SSL, both the login and main forms display padlock icons

·         Data entry – added “annotation” type to create section breaks between field groups

·         Data entry – added support for floating point numbers

·         Admin - Importing – Import from txt, csv and ADO sources greatly simplified

·         Admin - Importer development – new XmlToDb test screen, logging also improved

·         Admin – Query panels now show sample result of all queries

·         Admin – Data entry definition editor greatly improved

Bug fixes:

·         Time display template in field lists corrected to show two characters for minutes

·         High Crash Location List processing fixed.  Support for custom calculations restored.
*This triggered version change from 3.6 to 3.7

·         Admin - Calculated fields editor supports expression editor

·         Pin map – removed extraneous pin displayed at Lat/Long = 0,0 (off West coast of Africa)

2/4/2014                                                                                                 v3.6.48 to v3.6.72


New features:

·         “Standard reports” introduced.  New report buttons at the top of the screen now raise a dialog to select the desired report.  “Custom reports” generate the report without prompting

·         Support for accessing application using secure SSL connection under IIS.  (https://)


·         High crash location list improvements

o   High crash location lists can now generate reports to a new project or to the current one

o   High crash location list can now generate any report for which a template exists (i.e. charts, diagrams, listings, etc.)

o   High crash location list selections are now enabled across pages and preserved with report.

·         Import improvements

o   Import progress, estimated time and error count displayed

o   Imports can now be cancelled mid-way

o   Import continues to import record even if bad field data exists. (rather than skipping record)

o   Importer now includes “AutoRecord” as means of inserting street id’s

o   Importer now logs entire import process to DB (overwrite, insert, errors, etc.)

o   Added transaction processing to importer to keep each crash record autonomous.

·         Data entry editor improvements

o   Data entry definition editor completed

o   Added annotation as entry type to allow “headers” on entry form

·         Introduced “hidden” templates.  This feature can be used to hide non-relevant content from a configuration, and is used to support the “Standard reports” option.

·         Created “friendly” names for reports and templates.  Rather than “categorylist”, “Category list” will be displayed to the user.

·         Admin – users with proper permissions can create new groups from login panel

·         Many admin improvements to support template selection for Standard and Custom report templates.

·         Configuration helper introduced to facilitate creating configurations

o   Produces DBtoXML, XmlToDb, and SQL CREATE table scripts

Bug fixes:

·         Project selection dialog now works with Chrome and Firefox

·         When cancelling a report / load template, the original report is only deleted if it is a new report, not an existing one.

·         Import threads now properly disposed of after processing

·         Restored list of connection string samples in connection panel.

·         Better error handling in crash data importer

·         PdSQLViewer parameters box enlarged and now prevents wrapping

·         Importer now calls back to app to prevent IIS from killing importer as “inactive process”

·         Corrected graphics on admin side to show groups without shared user and to properly display shared user with star.

·         Data entry now respects floating point numbers (used to truncate during entry)


12/18/2013                                                                                            v3.6.39 to v3.6.48


New features:

·         Initial release of conversion utility for various data formats to XML. (csv, txt, dbf, mdb, MSSQL, Oracle, and more)

·         Initial release of XML import with overwrite/skip/update support

·         Initial release of wizards for creating import definitions


·         Collision diagram now displays filter name instead of its content

·         Chart footer now displays filter name instead of its description

·         GIS Map now zooms to new pins automatically

·         Added “dup” button to template selection dialog.  Easy way to make personal copy of shared  templates.

·         Cross street names are now sorted in study panel

·         New icons for corridor diagrams

·         When duplicate study name needs to be changed, it is done silently

·         Admin tree now uses “friendly names” instead of internal names for templates

·         Project panel / Environment tab – added street/intersection list function

·         Import process now uses new LOG table in database instead of old log files

·         Changed ArcGIS geocoding field names to match ESRI standards

·         SQLViewer – improved tab naming, displays connection info, field list error corrected, ADO export

·         Log file viewer – UI updated

·         Log file viewer – added search

 Bug fixes:

·         “Favorite” or most-common intersection name now used properly in High Crash Location lists

·         IE Browsers with Google’s “chromeframe” now work properly

·         List sort function used to fail on columns that had expressions for content.

·         Intermittent occurrence of charts not updating has been fixed

·         Route MP and Address query updated to correct error.  Also improved support for aliased street names with U1/U2

·         Crashes that have the same street used for Primary and Cross no longer generate two intersections in the DB

·         Added icons for more template types

·         Admin users can no longer delete their own login

·         Many misc. bug fixes.

00/00/00                                                                                                         v0.0.0 – v0.0.0


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Bug fixes:

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