CrashMagicOnline_ISAPI - WebService Listing

Port Type Namespace URI Documentation WSDL
IcmRA_Login urn:cmRA_LoginIntf-IcmRA_Login Provides access to Remote Access login and logout methods. All other Remote Access calls require a handle returned by RALogin. IcmRA_Login
IcmRA_Admin urn:cmRA_AdminIntf-IcmRA_Admin Provides access to admin methods. Add, modify and delete user groups users and attributes/templates. IcmRA_Admin
IcmRA3_Analysis urn:cmRA_AnalysisIntf-IcmRA3_Analysis (v3) Provides access to analysis methods. Create, modify, delete, print, retrieve projects, studies, reports. IcmRA3_Analysis
IcmRA_Data urn:cmRA_DataIntf-IcmRA_Data Provides access to client or user data functions such as loading and saving data, querying data, retrieving meta-data, lookups, streets, etc. IcmRA_Data
IWSDLPublish Lists all the PortTypes published by this Service IWSDLPublish