Change the chart field

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To tell the program what we'd like charted, chart settings tab at the top of the page. Click the button with the labeled category list next to it color_palette_24. Here you can select an existing category list to build a chart from or Create a new list.


In this example we will create a new category list. Click the New button. Once we have a new Untitled category list selected click on the Edit Category list button. cmCategoryListSelection


Here we can define a category from almost any of the fields in the database. Click the button to "Fill category list". Choose the field that indicates your lighting condition.  If you don't have that, choose your weather field. (we're intentionally choosing "categorical" fields in this step.  Charting "continuous" data, such as age or speed, is an advanced subject)



Click the Ok button.  This will populate default "bins" for this field.  "Bins" are Crash Magic's term for the containers that hold each category of data.  They will be represented as bars, pie slices, or lines. The name of the database field is populated as the name of the Category list.



Click the "Save and return" button to return to the category list selector. The new category list should be selected by default. Click the OK button to close the selector. Change the name of the chart  from Day of Week to Lighting.




Then click the Chart Report tab to see the results.