Normalize-Streets (normalize-streets)

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The normalize streets attributes defines what a street is. This information is used in the intersection study and high crash location list.


Distinct Query

The name of the query that provides a unique list of all streets in the database.


The field in the distinct query that is the street name field, and that fields data type.

Unique 1/ Unique2

The field in the distinct query that is used to ensure that the street is unique across the database and the fields data type. This field is not required, but is often necessary if a database contains multiple cities that have the same street names. The last selection box is used for a lookup query for the unique fields.


This section contains the name of available alias group and a checkbox to enable or disable them. Each alias group can be clicked on to jump directly to the alias editor.


Delimiters are a list of allowed characters used to separate unique 1 and unique 2 fields when writing out a fully qualified street name. They should not contain characters that may be in the street, unique 1 or unique 2 fields


Starters and finishers are used to separate the street name from unique 1 and unique 2. Starters and finishers should be in the same order (i.e. if the first starter is a "(" the first finisher should be a ")".


Note: Unique 1 and Unique 2 are not required fields but are often needed if the database contains more than one municipality. The Unique 2 field relies on the Unique 1 field, and is always a subset of the Unique 1 field. The most common use for these fields would be Unique 1 as "county" and Unique 2 as "city".



Unique 1/Unique 2 Lookup Queries

The Unique 1 query needs to specify a field that matches the Unique 1 field in the Distinct Streets query, named "DBUnique1Value". The query should also be a second field that is the looked up value named "DBUnique1Name".


The Unique 2 query should contain a field that matches both the Unique 1 field (DBUnique1Value),  and the Unique 2 (DBUnique2Value) field in the Distinct Streets query. The query should also contain a third field that is the looked up value named "DBUnique2Name".