Calculated Fields (calculatedfields)

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Calculated Fields is the successor to Virtual Functions in Intersection Magic. They allow the user to define an expression that will be evaluated at run time. Calculated Fields can be made of up of any fields in the query, in addition to the built in Expressions provided by Crash Magic. Pd' Programming will separate Calculated Fields into a few categories when creating your configuration:



In the .Master user you will find program defaults that do not rely on user specific data.



Under the group shared user there will be P_Default which are defaults that are specific to the group data. The fields in the P_Default are necessary for proper operation of the program. These fields are set up during the configuration process, and should only be changed with the approval of Pd' Programming.



U_UserSpecific fields are requested fields that are set up during the configuration processes. These fields are not necessary to create reports and are used as an added tool.