Operating Systems

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Crash Magic Online can operate on a number of MS Windows operating Systems.  The software may be run using one of the two following methods:


1.The software may be run as a Windows Service, providing its own built-in HTTP server.
MS Windows 2000 Professional; Server; Advanced; Data Center
MS Windows Server 2003 Standard; Enterprise; Data Center; Web Edition;
MS Windows 2008R2


2.The software may be run as an ISAPI plug-in within IIS
IIS 6: MS Windows Server 2003 32bit Standard; Enterprise; Data Center; Web Edition;
IIS 7.0 MS Windows 2008
IIS 7.5 MS Windows 2008R2; (MS Windows 7 non-production)



Note: Crash Magic can also be run on a Windows desktop operating system such as XP or Windows 7.  The setup and configuration processes are largely the same as for a server.  Most development occurs in this environment.  However, Pd' Programming does not provide end-user support for installation of Crash Magic Online on desktop operating systems.