Diagram settings tab

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The diagram settings panel enables you to change a number of diagram display settings.




Name - displayed at the top of the diagram.
Description - used for tooltips in the project tree.
Spacing - defines the distances between crashes in the same group.
Pen width - defines how thick the crash graphic lines should be drawn.
Show title - determines if any header information will be displayed above the diagram.
Display legend - determines if the key will be shown at the bottom of the diagram.
Schematic - determines which schematic will be used to locate the crash graphics and curb lines.
Background - specify a physical file or url to display a raster image "behind" the diagram.  (i.e. ortho photo).
Label color - pick a color for the labels.
Label content - an expression that resolves to text which will be displayed next to each crash graphic.  (can also simply be a field name).
Label size - height of the label text.  (the diagram is 1000 units wide)
Object Map - The current object map used to display the collision graphics on a diagram.
Primitives - The current list of graphic objects used to create the object map.
Show areas - for debugging and modifying schematics.  Displays the areas where graphics will be placed, and a graduated grid for aligning them.
Show Grid - Displays a grid on the diagram schematic.
Reset Crashes - Returns collision graphics to their original placement.
Remove Annotations - Removes all annotations added to the diagram.