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The ClickOnImages query is designed to retrieve images stored in a database for a collision. Unlike the ClickOn query, the ClickOnImages query can return multiple records for a single collision. The ClickOnImages query also does not have to use the same fields as the study queries. Clients that store images or reports on a server should set this information in the .options for this functionality.


As with the ClickOn report the ClickOnImages query uses the field or fields passed  from a diagram defined in the _UniqueFields  of the P_Default Calculatedfields.


The example _UniqueFields:

"CRASH_NUM:integer=" + String(CASE_NUM,0) + ";CRASH_DATE:Date=" + CRASH_DATE 

In this example the field CASE_NUM as an integer and CRASH_DATE as a date are being embedded into a collision diagram. When a user clicks on collision graphic these fields will be passed to the ClickOnImages query.


The ClickOnImages query must be set to receive the values being passed by the collision diagram.

Example where clause:

(( Doc.Case_Num = :CASE_NUM ) AND ( Crash.Crash_Date = :CRASH_DATE ))

In this example :CASE_NUM and :CRASH_DATE are passed to the ClickOnImages query, and the Doc table contains a table of documents joined to a Crash table with the case number. The ClickOnImages query then is set to return any records where the :CASE_NUM passed matches the Doc.Case_Num field and :CRASH_DATE matches the Crash.Crash_Date field.